prenuptial agreements in England and Wales


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This website provides information about the current law and practice regarding prenuptial and other marital agreements in England and Wales, if you are considering entering into a prenuptial agreement.

This information applies whether you are the economically stronger partner (usually the person considering having a prenuptial agreement drawn up) or the person who has less wealth.

If you are the economically stronger partner, you will need to obtain legal advice about what can be done to bolster your chances of ensuring that your prenuptial agreement will be upheld by a court in the unhappy event of a breakdown of the marriage. We can help you to achieve this.

If you are the economically weaker partner, you are probably feeling anxious about the idea of entering into a prenuptial agreement and will need advice about how your position can be protected in the event of a divorce. We can also help you achieve that.

We can also advise you about Cohabitation or Living Together agreements, sometimes called "No" Nups, if you are living together with your partner and have no plans to marry.


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The Family Law team at Moon Beever is headed by Maeve O’Higgins, the Family Law Partner. She has extensive experience of advising opposite-sex and same-sex clients in relation to prenuptial, postnuptial, separation, living together agreements and other forms of marital agreements.

The information on this website is regularly updated and new developments are posted on our blog.

For a quick overview, watch our video on marital agreements and refer to our Prenup FAQs.